2007 Volkswagen Jetta 88k Wolfsburg Edition 4 Door Sedan
List Price:$7,995
Special Price:$5,988
You Save:$2,007
Stock No: 4179
Ext Color: Black
Mileage: 88,862 Miles
Engine: L5, 2.5L; DOHC 20V
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2007 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition- only 89,451 miles, New wheels and tires, very desirable car and has all the options. Nice sound system , interior is in exce...view more details

Price:$7,995 Special Price:$5,988 Your Savings:$2,007
2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV 1Owner AWD Ext Length
List Price:$16,995
Special Price:$14,500
You Save:$2,495
Stock No: 4133
Ext Color: Black
Mileage: 114,856 Miles
Engine: V8, 6.2L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV AWD Sport Utility- Clean title and Car Fax, We price them to sell not to sit and wait for a big gross, so dont second guess yourself on th...view more details

Price:$16,995 Special Price:$14,500 Your Savings:$2,495
2006 Honda Pilot EX-L AWD  4 Door Wagon
List Price:$10,995
Special Price:$8,995
You Save:$2,000
Stock No: L1
Ext Color: Black
Mileage: 196,000 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.5L; SOHC 24V
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2006 Honda Pilot EX-L AWD- 2 Owner Honda Pilot with every option and all in great working order. We sold this to our co -worker who used it to get her kids around an...view more details

Price:$10,995 Special Price:$8,995 Your Savings:$2,000
2007 BMW X3  AWD 79k   3.0si 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$12,888
Special Price:$10,650
You Save:$2,238
Stock No: 4205
Ext Color: Black
Mileage: 79,664 Miles
Engine: L6, 3.0L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2007 BMW X3 si AWD 3.0si - 79,000 miles, 2 Owner Car, Black on Black, M3. 6Cyl 3.0 liter, This car was extremely well cared for inside and out. Everything is in perf...view more details

Price:$12,888 Special Price:$10,650 Your Savings:$2,238
2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES 4 Door Van
List Price:$9,995
Special Price:$8,875
You Save:$1,120
Stock No: 4211
Ext Color: Black
Mileage: 137,921 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.5L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L - only 137,000 miles, 2 owner, Black on Tan, Previous owners Only Drove It on weekends with Family, 3rd Seat, Leather, Dual Climate Control, ...view more details

Price:$9,995 Special Price:$8,875 Your Savings:$1,120
2010 Infiniti QX56  4 Door Wagon
List Price:$18,995
Special Price:$17,977
You Save:$1,018
Stock No: 4200
Ext Color: Black
Mileage: 113,012 Miles
Engine: V8, 5.6L
Fuel Type: Gasoline


Price:$18,995 Special Price:$17,977 Your Savings:$1,018
2002 Dodge  Grand Caravan Factory Ramp Van EX 4 Door Van; Extended
List Price:$19,995
Special Price:$17,888
You Save:$2,107
Stock No: L2
Ext Color: Blue
Mileage: 79,050 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.8L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2002 Dodge Ramp Van Grand Caravan - ( built from factory) Not a kit, big difference, Extremely hard to find, with only 79k. Has the capability to and options to take...view more details

Price:$19,995 Special Price:$17,888 Your Savings:$2,107
2009 Subaru Outback Wagon AWD  Limited 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$11,495
Special Price:$9,997
You Save:$1,498
Stock No: 4193
Ext Color: Blue
Mileage: 150,049 Miles
Engine: B4, 2.5L; DOHC; Turbo
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2009 Subaru Outback AWD Limited- 2 owner,This car is as clean as they come, seats are in excellent condition, no scratches or dents, truly well cared for. Handles gr...view more details

Price:$11,495 Special Price:$9,997 Your Savings:$1,498
2007 BMW X5 4.8i 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$12,977
Special Price:$9,675
You Save:$3,302
Stock No: 4194
Ext Color: Gray
Mileage: 128,796 Miles
Engine: V8, 4.8L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2007 BMW X5 4.8i - Only 127k Miles, Loaded with options: 3rd Row, Navigation, Sport Package, Cold Weather Package, Heated Sport Seats, Panorama Roof, Parking Sensors...view more details

Price:$12,977 Special Price:$9,675 Your Savings:$3,302
2008 Volkswagen GTI  2 owner 2.0T  84k 2 Door Hatchback
List Price:$10,977
Special Price:$8,877
You Save:$2,100
Stock No: 4192
Ext Color: Gray
Mileage: 84,024 Miles
Engine: L4, 2.0L; DOHC 16V; Turbo
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2008 Volkswagen GTI 2.0T - 84K, 2 Owner, Clean and tight driving sporty GTi with sport mode if you want to control shifting with Paddle shifters on steering wheel. C...view more details

Price:$10,977 Special Price:$8,877 Your Savings:$2,100
2008 Audi A6 S-line 78k   4 Door Sedan
List Price:$15,995
Special Price:$10,977
You Save:$5,018
Stock No: 4035
Ext Color: Red
Mileage: 76,428 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.2L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2008 Audi A6 Quattro S-Line AWD Sedan- only 76,000 miles on this AWD Sport Sedan. S-Line Quattro AWD, this is one of the cleanest Audi S-line Quattros come thru our ...view more details

Price:$15,995 Special Price:$10,977 Your Savings:$5,018
2009 Nissan Xterra Off Road Pkg 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$13,888
Special Price:$10,977
You Save:$2,911
Stock No: 4201
Ext Color: Silver
Mileage: 145,001 Miles
Engine: V6, 4.0L; DOHC 24V
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2009 Nissan Xterra Off Road - 2 Owners who took Extremely good care of this 4WD Xterra. Clean title and Car Fax showing 37 service records.This is one of the nicest...view more details

Price:$13,888 Special Price:$10,977 Your Savings:$2,911
2009 GMC Acadia SLT1 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$11,975
Special Price:$9,950
You Save:$2,025
Stock No: 4188
Ext Color: Silver
Mileage: 127,315 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.6L
Fuel Type: Gasoline


Price:$11,975 Special Price:$9,950 Your Savings:$2,025
2010 Lexus IS 250 Sport 4 Door Sedan
List Price:$17,995
Special Price:$15,475
You Save:$2,520
Stock No: 4197
Ext Color: White
Mileage: 100,685 Miles
Engine: V6, 2.5L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2010 Lexus is 250 Sport 4door - only 100k on this Pristine 2 Owner, Luxury Sedan, Luxury Pkg, Key Less Entry & Start, Navigation, XM Satellite, CD/MP3 (Multi disc), ...view more details

Price:$17,995 Special Price:$15,475 Your Savings:$2,520
2008 Lexus RX 350   4 Door Wagon
List Price:$13,995
Special Price:$11,988
You Save:$2,007
Stock No: 4196
Ext Color: White
Mileage: 144,477 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.5L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2008 Lexus Rx 350 AWD- 2 Owner AWD Sport Utility that has been extremely well cared for. Previous owners babied Lexus this and it shows. Has Dual Power Seats as wel...view more details

Price:$13,995 Special Price:$11,988 Your Savings:$2,007
2008 BMW 750Li white on Black  4 Door Sedan
List Price:$9,995
Special Price:$7,977
You Save:$2,018
Stock No: 3579
Ext Color: White
Mileage: 142,345 Miles
Engine: V8, 4.8L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2008 BMW 750Li- 2 owner, We sold this to family friends a few years back, who kept in Palm Springs so they would have a car to drive when taking theyre winter trips ...view more details

Price:$9,995 Special Price:$7,977 Your Savings:$2,018
2005 ACURA MDX AWD 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$9,977
Special Price:$6,975
You Save:$3,002
Stock No: 4207
Ext Color: White
Mileage: 133,465 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.5L; SOHC 24V; VTEC
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2005 Acura MDX AWD- Only 133,000 miles, 3rd seat, white on tan leather, V-Tech 3.5 liter, these handle so well in all weather conditions, rainy, snow, or just going ...view more details

Price:$9,977 Special Price:$6,975 Your Savings:$3,002
2007 Toyota FJ CRUISER  Rear Diff Lock  4 Door Wagon
List Price:$18,995
Special Price:$16,975
You Save:$2,020
Stock No: 4209
Ext Color: Yellow
Mileage: 136,018 Miles
Engine: V6, 4.0L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD -Off Road PKG, This is a HEAD TURNER V-6, Automatic, Previous Owner Put a Lot of Pride and Time into it as you can see. New Toyo Open Coun...view more details

Price:$18,995 Special Price:$16,975 Your Savings:$2,020
2002 Nissan Xterra Super Charged 4 Door Wagon
List Price:$8,995
Special Price:$7,577
You Save:$1,418
Stock No: 4202
Ext Color: Yellow
Mileage: 126,673 Miles
Engine: V6, 3.3L; Supercharged
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2002 Nissan Xterra SE Super Charged 4WD - 1 Owner, Only 126,000 miles Super Charged well cared for Xterra, Previous owner just had all gaskets replaced and sensors, ...view more details

Price:$8,995 Special Price:$7,577 Your Savings:$1,418
2000 Chevy Corvette Convertible 56,000 miles Convertible
List Price:$15,995
Special Price:$13,577
You Save:$2,418
Stock No: 4074
Ext Color: Yellow
Mileage: 56,226 Miles
Engine: V8, 5.7L
Fuel Type: Gasoline

2000 Chevy Corvette Convertible- Only 56,009 miles on this absolutely immaculate Convertible. Top of the line for this model and year with heads up display, limited ...view more details

Price:$15,995 Special Price:$13,577 Your Savings:$2,418

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